Head and Mouth Guard for Boxing

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    • Combat sports develop your ability to perceive and anticipate. But even though they teach you how to avoid them, you are never 100% protected. Most injuries come from accidental impacts (involuntary head butts, poorly aimed strikes, etc.), which is why we recommend always wearing a headguard during combat.
    • Multi-layered, pre-formed foam that protects your forehead, chin and cheekbones. Reinforced protective zones over the ears. Synthetic coating (reinforced polyurethane) on the outside of the head guard for better resistance to wear. The fabric interior is comfortable and ensures a snug fit. There is a wide elastic band around the head to keep the head guard firmly in place.
    • - For training, it's best to choose a full face head guard that protects your forehead, chin, cheekbones, jaw and ears. - For competitions, you should choose an open head guard that protects your forehead, jaw and ears. It has a chin strap.
    • - For teenagers, women or men with a head size (circumference around your forehead) of 55-58 cm, choose size S/M. - Over 58 cm, choose size L/XL.
    • Do not machine wash. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and soapy water.